Get closer to your customers
inviting them to Wi-Fi

It is demonstrated, your clients prefer a public place with free Wi-Fi to browse Internet or to share the moment in their social networks while waiting for your assistance.

We show you hot to make profitable your Public Wi-Fi Network.

Control who accesses your Wi-Fi network, offer good coverage and fast browsing, collect automatically a database of your visitors, make surveys, get their loyalty through the social networks and make them see your promotional ads in each connection


Social Public Hotpost

Modular services that allow you to offer the best public Wi-Fi network for your clients, with more benefits for you:

  • Your customers login by password and have a limited time of 15/30 minutes. After that, they must wait 60/90 minutes for a new access.
  • Your visitors get excellent coverage and fast browsing in every point of your place.
  • You control who really uses your network, preventing abuses and avoiding intruders.
  • In every session it is displayed an institutional or promotional advertisement of your product and services that you can change daily.
  • Your clients also access with a time session of 60/90 minutes, without password and through these social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.
  • Another option is that they subscribe through their own email by filling a form. The email is validated to avoid incorrect data.
  • In return, you will collect their personal data with their explicit consent for future social or direct marketing campaigns.
  • You will get answers to a custom made survey.

You can buy the devices by yourself at your local distributor
We program them remotely and make a self-installed solution

How will your clients connect?

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At this point, you will have doubts...

Restaurants, beauty salons, convenience stores, vehicle technical inspections, ball pools, bistros, buffets, caterings, petrol stations, libraries, shops, laboratories and diagnostic centres, ball parks, kiosks, car washes, automobile repair shops, car dealers, tyre changing shops, academic & professional training institutes, conference and seminars rooms, bookstores, etc...

WIFISAN-23 Network Prices

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Why to choose Santangelo

    Why choose us?

  • Social Wi-Fi is part of our proposal, but we offer you much more: anonymous surveys, personalized surveys, membership, control and optimization, etc.
  • Tailored plans which allow you to contract only what you are interested in.
  • We can change the connection time, by default 60/90 minutes, and the pause time, by default 15 minutes, to the values that you prefer.
  • We have up to 14 authentication modes: one privileged for you, and the others to be chosen which ones you wish to offer to your visitors.
  • Very easy to analyze statistics for optimizing your promotional campaigns.
  • You could charge a differentiated Wi-Fi service to your exigent customers, offering them up to 8 hours of uninterrupted connection with unrestricted bandwidth.
  • We detect failures in your Internet service provider, power outstages.
  • If you wish something special, we develop it for you.
Make your Wi-Fi profitable with Santangelo
Attract more customers
Get their loyalty
Promote your business in the social networks
Become additional incomes


Much more than Social Wi-Fi!

Don't worry about technical issues
Leave them to us while you focus in your business

Wi-Fi Return of Investment

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