Industrial Application Wireless Interface

Industrial Network

Santangelo Engineering is working on the development of a wireless industrial interface or Wireless Access Point (WAP) aplicable to networks like Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet IP, etc.

In opposition to many available products on the market using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi standards, this new solution employs a proprietary wireless communication protocol, specially designed to satisfy industrial requirements:

  • Interference Immunity.
  • Low Latency Delay.
  • High Bandwidth.
  • Scalability.
  • Determinism.

For example, the product is able to make a Profibus wireless link at 12 Mbps. This feature is unprecedent in the industry, as there is not yet any solution capable of solving this need. It can be found many Profibus wireless interfaces options operating at 1,5 Mbps, but no one at 12 Mbps.

In the same way, the interface could link through radio Profinet nodes with a deterministic latency time as lower as 1,5 msec while other products are almost 10 times slower.

The Wireless Access Point designed by Santangelo Engineering is really unique in the market specially designed for Wireless Profibus, Wireless Profinet, Wireless Modbus, Wireless Ethernet IP, etc.

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