Work at home as if you were seated in your office

Expand your network company to your home without neither previous technical knowledge, nor programs installation and also not virtualization techniques.

Scalable solution for SMEs, big and multinational companies

Get closer being away!

Plug & Play System. You connect with your computer or any other one, via cable or Wi-Fi. AES 256 Encryption. QoS available. Network Monitoring. Email alerts before Internet failures or power outstages. Competitive devices. Scalability. Multi-office.


Home Office

Technological solutions that allow you to obtain an excellent alternative for remote working:

  • Install a router in your central office and another one for each remote user. Thus, a company with 6 remote workers, it will need 7 routers.
  • The equipment is competitive and highly scalable upon remote users quantity.
  • It is not necessary to install programs neither in the central server nor in the remote computers, information technology knowledge is not required and virtualization techniques are also not used.
  • The communication between computers and/or servers is secure and safe by using AES 256 CBC encryption, one of the cypher method of ssl protocols (ssl).
  • Multi-office option is available, that is connecting to several offices, for example different branches, always in remote way.
  • Optional services: a) to monitor from the central router which users are connected, their traffic and bandwidth, b) to give priority to different services (quality of service).
  • Expand worldwide your company local network with high level encryption AES 256 CBC.
  • As technical programs and previous knowledge are not required, the connection is plug & play.
  • As remote user, you will be able to connect by cable or Wi-Fi, with your computer or any other from any other person.
  • You could exchange files with other home workers, no matters they are in the company, at home, or anywhere in the world.
  • You access your office server as if you were seated next to it, without virtualization techniques.
  • Services could be prioritized (QoS), like IP telephony and videoconference.
  • We inform power shutdowns or Internet interruption.
  • You can monitor who are connected, know their traffic, bandwidth.

You can buy the devices by yourself at your local distributor
We program them remotely and make a self-installed solution



In the central office the modem is set in bridge mode, or a single port is opened if it is hold as nat router (we teach you how to perform this). In the remote end, nothing must be done.


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    Why chosse us?

  • Competitive routers. Post-sale technical support.
  • Not necessary neither to install programs nor to use virtualization techniques.
  • Agile, transportable, simple solution. Equipment scalable for micro, mini, medium and high companies.
  • Routers used are worldwide recognized and has an excellent price/performance ratio.
  • We detect failures in your Internet service provider or power outstages, both in the central and remote nodes, and we alert you by email.
  • Quality of service and network monitoring optionally available at a very low cost.
  • If you wish something special, we develop it for you.
Stay away being Close!
Encrypted connection
No software downloads
Multilple branches connection
Plug & Play, through cable or Wi-Fi


Home Office Solutions

Don't worry about technical issues
We make easy the difficult, without software downloads and virtualization